Sarah Arr! (piratesarah) wrote in zinestar,
Sarah Arr!

Call for Submissions - Once Upon A Distro

I've been making zines since I was 15 - more than
half of my life. At various points, zines have been a way for me to

connect to communities that I didn't have access to, as well as being an
important place for me to write about the stuff going on in my life.

I've always written zines. I've always read zines. I've always wanted
to do more. So, now I am. Once Upon a Distro is open for submissions
starting now, and will be open for purchases and things starting in
January of 2012.

What I'm looking for right now are personal zines, particularly those
by women, people of color, and GLBTQ folks. I'm not opposed to spoken
word titles and crafts, but those will not be my priority.

Please feel free to mail your zine for submission to: 

Sarah Rose

201 W. Evergreen Ave #1012, 

Philadelphia, PA 19118

or email with questions:

(Sorry for all the cross posts!)
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